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Sign the Petition to prevent cuts to the homeless budget

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We are overwhelmed by the support that our petition has received and we have reached our target of 10,000 signatures. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement - it is clear that  people who have signed share our outrage at the cuts to funding for crucial services for people who are homeless. But every voice counts and every signature helps strengthen our call. Please sign the petition to send the strongest message possible to the government to stop the cuts.  Thank you.

While homelessness is on the increase and homeless services are at breaking point, the Government is set to cut funding for crucial services. Meanwhile, the Government says it wants to end long-term homelessness by 2016. 

Cutting funding for homeless services is not just wrong - it’s cruel, it hurts the most vulnerable in our society, and its economically foolish.

It shames Ireland to cut funding for homeless services at the very moment they’re needed most.

Tens of thousands of us are just one pay cheque, one social welfare payment, one family problem, one health diagnosis, one mortgage repayment away from becoming homeless. 

Show your outrage. 
Stand up for people who are homeless. 
Please sign the petition.  

Help us reach our target!


11,491 signatures, help us reach our target of 12,000

Show your outrage. Sign the petition.

Dear Government,

Cutting funding for homeless services is cruel; it hurts the most vulnerable in our society, and it's economically foolish. I'm signing this petition to demand that the budget for homeless services is not cut.