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Slí Nua

Midlands Simon “Housing with Support” Service opened in 2012. It is based in Athlone and is called Slí Nua (Irish for New Way). It is designed to provide 7 single people with self-contained accommodation in individual 1-bed apartments in Athlone. We also provide a range of dedicated supports to ensure people are able to maintain and sustain their tenancies.
Some people who are referred to Midlands Simon Community for support need more intensive support than can be provided by either our Emergency Accommodation Service or our Regional Settlement Service.
This is where Slí Nua comes in. Slí Nua gives each person their own home, privacy and dignity and it is also more financially sustainable.

Residents will have regular and often daily contact with either a professional social care worker or a full-time volunteer. Some of the supports provided to Service Users are:

  • Helping people who use our services to develop skills of self-care such as cooking etc. 
  • Supporting people who use our services to manage a budget, to pay rent and pay utilities. 
  • Supporting Service Users to maintain own accommodation in areas such as rubbish and disposal. 
  • Supporting those using Slí Nua to develop meaningful activities which helps build confidence and aid integration into the local community.

Below is a testimonial from one of our residents living in Sli Nua apartments: 

To whom it may concern,

Since I moved into Sli Nua apartments, my life has turned around to the best as can be thanks to the Simon Community Athlone.  Suffering with my health issues, I have never needed for nothing with thanks to all of the Simon staff for their medical support.  Without the staff of Simon, I wouldn’t be the changed man I am, I can’t praise or thank them enough.  Thanking all the staff including my keyworker and volunteer, and I also think the Sli apartments are a great idea.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Coffey


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