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About the campaign – reasons for it and supporting it

Simon Week 2013 (30 September to -6th October) is now in its 6th year and we hope it will be bigger and better than ever before. This year we are asking everyone to sign our petition, ‘Home for Good’, to prevent cuts to the homeless budget.

Homelessness is on the increase and homeless services are at breaking point and the Government is set to cut funding for crucial services. Meanwhile, the Government says it wants to end long-term homelessness by 2016. 

Tens of thousands of us are just one pay cheque, one social welfare payment, one family problem, one health diagnosis, one mortgage repayment away from becoming homeless. 

Cutting funding for homeless services is not just wrong - it’s cruel, it hurts the most vulnerable in our society, and it’s economically foolish.

It shames Ireland to cut funding for homeless services at the very moment they’re needed most.

Show your outrage. 
Stand up for people who are homeless. 
Please sign the petition.  

About the Simon Communities in Ireland  

The Simon Communities throughout Ireland provide the best possible care, accommodation and support for people experiencing homelessness and those at risk. The Simon Communities are an affiliation of independent communities in Cork, Dublin, Dundalk, Galway, the Midlands, the Mid West, the North West and the South East, providing a range of effective services embracing housing led approaches. (Housing-Led’ approaches to tackling homelessness involve access to permanent housing with ongoing support appropriate to each person’s needs as the primary response to homelessness).

The Simon Communities have been providing service in Ireland for over 40 years, responding to local needs as they arise. Simon Community services can now be found in every country in Ireland, playing an important role in identifying new needs and in developing innovative and cost-effective ways of tackling homelessness. 

Simon Community Services include: 

  • Housing provision, tenancy sustainment and settlement services, housing advice and information services, helping people to move out of homelessness and working with households at risk; 
  • Specialist health and treatment services addressing some of the other issues that may be experienced which may have contributed to people becoming homeless in the first place or may be a consequence of their experience of homelessness; 
  • Emergency accommodation and support, providing people with a place of welcome, warmth and safety; 
  • Soup runs and rough sleeper teams, who are often the first point of contact for people sleeping rough. 

Together with people who are homeless, Simon tackles the root causes, promotes innovative responses and urges the government to fulfil their commitments. Simon delivers support and service to between 4,500 and 5,000 individuals and families who experience - or are at risk of - homelessness on an annual basis. 


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